About UFO Sighting Footage

There are many documented UFO sightings in the recent past. This has gained public interest as more advanced technological advances are made allowing such sightings to be captured in camera and even having UFO footage and documentaries. Despite the many questions surrounding the existence of these aliens UFO followers get more convinced by the day. Others have gone on record to condemn NASA of cooperating with Governments to invalidate the UFO sighting footages and even the existence of UFO aliens.

Despite the efforts to debunk any significant UFO sightings, ufologists across the world are out there ready with their cameras to capture and document any slight scene in the air and the open space. In a world that is free from international wars, why would jet fighters be crushing in the air with mysterious flying objects? Or why would a flying object be taken on camera hovering around airstrips by airport cameras and no one explains it? I think we all need answers to these questions and the only way to go is getting the evidence right for the world to judge.

Evidence from Different Footage

Different feet from across the globe all caught on camera have been circulated, and still, there are those that contest the facts. Many challenge the clips based on clarity and quality of recording but here is a clear explanation.

Most times ufologists just capture these strange objects unexpectedly; they occur anywhere and anytime. Therefore, there is no time to get ready and have the editing of clips. The other factor is the factor that most of these objects seem to interfere with quality and sound. Some of the footages will record objects that emit very bright light for the camera to capture, while others move at very high speeds. Therefore without one is there during the recording, do not put much doubt on the footages.

The most excellent source of UFO sighting documentaries, however, remains to be the clips and the many incidences done on camera by the curious onlookers worldwide. It is, therefore, in essence, that the recording is posted and shared to create awareness.An example of suppressed UFO sighting footage is the one in French where they tested banner one recorded alien sighting, but it had already gone viral on YouTube.


UFO sightings are real and are phenomena that will continue raising eyesbrows until more light is shed on what usually happens in these UFO footages. Watch more of these in the given links below.

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