Airsoft Skirmish Safety Tips

The game of airsoft should never be taken lightly. A lot can change in a split second. Someone can get hurt when not properly attached or accidents like backfires. Airsoft skirmish in particular is no child's play like others think. For die hard Airsofters the game requires discipline and good tactical skills. Unlike real bloody battles, it is already known in advance how many individuals are in the opposition team and what kind of terrain the battlefield is.

This is a very vital aspect in Airsoft Skirmish. The safety of each of every participant including non-contact personnel always comes first.

When handling an Airsoft gun specifically airsoft electric guns, it is important not to insert a fully loaded magazine until the game is ready to start. Disconnecting the battery will help too. An Airsoft gun should have considered a fully loaded ready weapon even if the safety is on. Keep the trigger finger on the trigger guard to avoid accidental firing in the event of tripping. The muzzle should always be pointing in a safe direction until a target is within firing range. Fingers and other parts of the body should always be away from the muzzle. Learning different weapon carrying styles can help in avoiding misfires if one stumbles down. Always play with safety in mind when handling any Airsoft electric gun .

For personal safety, always wear safety gears such as masks, goggles and pads. Never shoot at something that will break like bottles or mirrors to avoid flying sharp objects. To avoid ricochets, do not shoot at hard objects just for the heck of it. Always be alert especially when someone shouts 'cease fire'. In the event of enemy contact, it is recommended to aim at the torso. Although they should be wearing masks and goggles it is better to be safe than sorry, plus the torso is a bigger target than the head so you'll be more accurate and they'll respect you for considering their safety.

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