Alternatives to Using GPS Devices

Many consumers may wonder how we ever managed to get around without global positioning systems. GPS devices can do so many things for us in addition to looking up directions. However, many still do not own GPS devices, and they still survive their daily commutes and travel to vacation destinations.

Before portable GPS devices, GPS systems built into cars, and cell phones with built in GPS became popular, people had to find a way to get from point A to point B. Before GPS devices, one invention that revolutionized travel was the development of sites such as and others that followed, such as Google Maps. Before these services experienced, people had to look up addresses then use maps if they could not find directions from their departure locations from someone beforehand.

Now, because of the popularity of GPS devices, many no longer use services such as these websites. However, the usefulness of such sites should not be dismissed. Even for those who do own GPS devices, using a service that gives you directions before you leave can be very useful and is a good precaution to take. Even those with GPS systems should be wise and take a minute to read the text directions or map on their devices before departing. This way, you will know where to go in case of any technological problems with your device.

Those who do not use GPS systems are not really at as significant of a disadvantage as some may believe. These websites are still excellent resources for planning a route. The advantage of having a GPS is that the device will speak the directions to you during your trip. This is only a minor advantage, because it is not that difficult to look over at your directions while driving. Some even find the constant voice of the GPS device irritating and distracting. It is true that using a directions service to plan a trip before departing does not allow for planning alternate routes or looking up other locations on the go, but we survived this way for many years.

Other websites, such as are also useful for trip planning. These sites allow users to type in lists of different locations and will plan their trips for them in the quickest way that makes sense and saves gas. A GPS will not do this for you, but you still have to make decisions about where to go, and the GPS will tell you how to get there. So, there is still something to be said for other forms of technology, and GPS devices do not do it all.

For those who need advice on the go, a new service may help. This service is similar to 411 but is free to text on a cell phone. Google information will provide similar information to that which could have been found on a GPS device. For example, if you would like to find a pizza parlor on a certain street, you can text Google information and ask for a free list of pizza parlors in the area.

Also, for those who do not have GPS devices but still have a smart phone without a GPS built in, they can still use their phones to look up directions on the go through the internet. So, you can leave your place and still access Mapquest or Google directions away from home if your phone has internet capabilities. Maybe those without GPS devices are not so lost after all.

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