Artificial Intelligent Computational Theoretical Conspiracy Generator Arrives

Over last few months I have challenged my mind to come up with conspiracy theories each and every day. It's amazing how many crazy near lunatic conspiracy theories a single individual can come up with, if they allow their mind to think there. In most regards I am a complete skeptic when it comes to such conspiracy notions, but I also realize that Occam's Razor does not work in all situations. Plus we know from human history there have been conspiracies in the past, which makes it all that much more real, or fun to prey.

Neverheless, I've been aware there are certain things about conspiracy theories which are somewhat universal. And it would also appear to me that it is possible to interchange the stories using occasionally artificial intelligent derivative software using not so complicated algorithmic formulas. That is to say it is possible to design an AI computational theoretical conspiracy theory generation machine, one which would create fictional stories, taking news events, and real world events and weaving theses events and people into secondary potential events which are plausibly deniable.

What might this be used for? Well it can certainly be used in politics, intelligence services, military, or just for fun science fiction stories, or even Hollywood movies. It seems to me there is a formula to all this, and I think I figured it out. That is to say there are so many types of stories which fall within these categories such as; aliens, New World Order, corporate espionage, ghosts, financial terrorism, and evil villainous bad guys.

There are also a finite number of currently known genres, industries, religions, political groups, foreign countries, and types of financial exchanges such as; gold, human trafficking, food, weapons, oil, currency, and drugs. Yes, I do believe it is possible to create an algorithm, and plug-in and play various characters, groups, and motivations with just about any event in the news. Now some of the conspiracy theories generated by the artificial intelligent computational theoretical conspiracy generator or "AICTCG-1" (yes, it exists) may not be worthy stories to tell, but I would submit to you that a good number would.

Placing doubt in the mind of humans, whether or not it is a small group or a large group can generally set off a trend of distrust amongst a group that is larger, general collective paranoia. There would be value in that for various reasons, as well as entertainment value just as there is in novels of the science fiction, thriller, spy, mystery, detective, or in the docu-drama genre. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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