AVG Free – Free Anti-virus Software Reviewed

AVG free is a free application for the easy computer user to protect their machine. Everyone probably knows the expensive Anti-virus suites that you can buy from the big brands, but AVG is a little less popular. AVG offers a great paid suite, but I’m only going to discuss the free packages with you, because that’s the only one I’ve tried so far.

AVG free is a really good anti-virus suite. Certainly if you think about the fact that it’s free. If you are just a regular computer user who might download a song so now and then and surf the internet every day, this package can easily replace your expensive brand suite. It offers everything you need from your Anti-virus software, and I’m sure you won’t even notice a difference. However, if you are a more intensive computer user, I wouldn’t recommend this product. You really miss out on a few things you might really need, like support. You can look at the differences between the free and the paid program on their website.

The reason why I give AVG free such a high rating, is because the program just does what I want it to do. When I download a risky file, AVG alerts me, when I try to open a executable file with a virus, AVG immediately blocks it. It does all the things I’m used to with a paid Anti-virus program, but it’s for free! It has some great features and you can modify almost every setting to your liking. You also get regular updates so you can be sure that your Anti-virus also knows the latest threats.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, you should go to their website. It tells you all about the features you will find in this magnificent program and I’m almost sure that if you were already a little excited, you will be downloading AVG free in a few minutes!

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