Can Your Man Escape Without Your Male Chastity Key?

Okay, you have your man locked up and you wear his male chastity key close to your heart for safekeeping. But, is he really safe and secure or can he escape when you are not looking?

Men are artful creatures. Women know that. That is why we must keep watch over them. It’s also why so many of us put our men in male chastity in the first place. We know they lie to us about how often they masturbate, and we know that they are thinking about other women when they do it. Quite simply, men can’t be trusted – particularly when it comes to their penis!

That’s why, although you may have put your man in chastity and under lock and key, you still worry that he’ll find some way to pick the lock and escape without telling you. That would defeat the entire point of male chastity and ruin all of your training efforts – putting him at risk for being seduced by another woman!

You know you don’t want that but, don’t worry. The truth is it’s harder for a man to get out of a male chastity device without your key than you would think. Of course, it’s not impossible; but with a little bit of preparation, you should be able to lock him up in male chastity and hide the key without worrying about him being a bad boy.

o The only way a man can really get out of a male chastity device is if you’ve purchased the wrong size for him. If he’s poorly endowed he might be able to use ice to shrink his penis, slip out and then slip it back on. That’s why it’s important for you to be honest with yourself about the size of his equipment and order one that will fit him. When it doubt, err on the smaller side.

o The locks on male chastity devices are designed so that they will break if they are tampered with. Most importantly – the locks are numbered. That means that he can’t just go buy another similar looking lock, break his own and then lock himself back up with the new one. When you get your man his male chastity device, the number will be printed on both the lock and the key. Whenever you unlock him, make sure the numbers match!

o He could likely break a plastic male chastity device with tools in his garage. But, the damage would be way obvious and getting caught is not the objective. If you buy him a steel one, he won’t even be able to do that. He’d have to go to a professional welder to get it off – and do you really think he’s going to risk the heat or admit to another man that you have him locked up? Probably not!

o If you are really worried about him having no self control at all and getting the thing welded off, you can always go all the way and get a chastity piercing. These piercings are attached in such a way that if he tried to rip it off without the key, he’d severely damage his manly bits – and no man is going to risk that.

o Most chastity devices come with keys that are labeled, “Do Not Copy.” That means even if he tried to sneak the key away for an afternoon, most locksmiths will refuse to make a copy of it.

So, there you have it! With a little bit of patience, you can improve your marriage by keeping your man in chastity and under lock and key without ever worrying about him getting out!

Obviously, some devices are more secure than others. But, once you get to the point where he’s comfortable being locked in steel – which should be every woman’s goal – it will be virtually impossible for him to get out. That means you can train him and never have to worry about him cheating.

And, of course, if you ever notice him trying to get out, you could always enforce an extra month of chastity – which is a lesson he’ll remember for the rest of your wonderful married life!

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