Computer Security in 3 Steps

The majority of households today have a family computer that connects to the internet for checking email, news, games, and school work. The internet has allowed us to stay in contact with friends like never before, but there is a downside. The internet is full of criminals who are looking to steal your financial information, identity, and credit card numbers. Here are 3 simple steps to protect your computer from these threats.

Step 1: Install all Microsoft Critical Updates
Microsoft releases updates for Windows software every second Tuesday of each month. These updates are designed to close security vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system. The updates are free of charge to Windows users and only need to be downloaded and installed. If you are using Windows 98, 2000 / XP, or Vista you need to install these updates every month.

Step 2: Install Antivirus Software
The internet is full of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other nasty programs designed to crash or take over your computer. Antivirus software provides a shield around your computer to protect you from these threats.

Step 3: Install Spyware Software
Spyware is actually becoming the biggest threat against computers on the internet. Spyware installs on your computer without your knowledge or permission. This software is designed to track what web sites you visit, create pop-ups, and slow your computer down. Spyware software removes these programs from your computer.

If your computer is connected to the internet you must follow these 3 simple steps to secure your computer. The internet is a great resource for news, games, and entertainment but also contains dangers. If you follow these 3 simple steps you can be assured a safe and secure internet experience.

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