Computer Security Threats

This article is going to explain to you about online security and staying safe online.

With more and more threats coming out everyday on the internet, now more than ever you need to stay safe online. From viruses to phishing scams I will explain them all.

Spam usually comes from emails or instants messengers. It can be anything from an email wanting you to look at a new products to someone asking for you address, telephone number etc.

Phishing is a method of taking someone's personal details. So for example you bank details will be a major target, there are different ways people can acquire these. It could be anything from an email asking for your details because they want to send you $ 1,000,000, to a dodgy website that makes you think its something else. They usually make the sites look exactly like the usual ones.

Malware consists of viruses, trojans, worms, spyware etc. Malware typically spreads through either email, websites or devices like USB pens. These threats have different tasks that they perform, anything from destroying your data to monitoring your online activity.

Bots are unknowingly downloaded onto your computer and allow hackers to control your PC. What they do from there is up to them, whether they take your personal data or install another virus.

Vulnerabilities are security holes in software. Say for example a bit of code that someone can bypass. This is why it is important to make sure all your software is updated to the newest version and has all patches installed.

Adware are pop-ups. Some adware can come with free software and is part of the package. However some comes onto your computer unknowingly.

Now for some good news, all these threats can usually be released / removed fairly easily.

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