Features of a Good GPS Device for a Car

A GPS device for a car is one important gadget for a driver's convenience. As these devices are becoming more and more popular, companies are coming up with a variety of styles as well as added features for these tracking devices. Always keep in mind that when looking for a good GPS device for a car, functionality comes first before aesthetics. The best looking system will not be able to help you if it is too difficult to manipulate or if you can not see much on its screen.

Portability and Size

As this device will be installed in the car and not always held by the person using it, a good system should not be ultra small. A good GPS device for a car should have a large screen so that the information displayed can easily be viewed by the driver. A touch-screen monitor is also advisable, as it helps for a hassle-free and convenient driving. Although a small device is not necessary, a large one is not advised as well. As this gadget is normally installed on the dashboard or on a base extending from the dashboard, choose one that does not hinder either the driver's or the passenger's movement or block air vents because of its size.

Level of Sophistication

A good GPS device for a car should also be sophisticated but at the same time simple to operate. For people who are still new to tracking systems, it would be good to choose a system with a touch-screen monitor that shows about 4 inches of display. A large display makes it easier for the driver (and passenger) to view directions especially when driving. Also consider a unit that has a text for speech feature, which says the names of streets in directing the driver. This type of system makes driving easier as directions are said by the device as well as viewed from its monitor. A good unit offers a number of ways in order to get you to the location you want to go. This can either be by location which is selected from a map, or by a personal address that the driver inputs into the device.

A GPS Device with Added Features

Depending on its use, some units have specialized functions or added features. There are those that offer FM traffic updates or Bluetooth compatibility with other devices. A good system can do with one or two of these added features. Even with the added uses for a GPS device for a car, above all things always make sure that it is user-friendly and not something that has become very difficult to use because of all its added features.

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