Free Virus Protection Software – How To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

If you want to find the best free virus protection software, you have definitely come to the right place. Very simply, there are many websites that offer this today, but you want to make sure you find software that is effective at eliminating the viruses. Get this wrong, and your computer is doomed.

First of all, here is a quick explanation of exactly what a virus is and why it's so important to ensure you keep them off your operating system and then some antivirus reviews to help you find the best. While there is not room to go into the 10 best antivirus programs, as many people want, there is a recommendation for which software is the best.

Very simply, a computer virus is essentially something that uses real programs and feed off of them. They generally begin working right away and are built specifically to destroy computer files, programs, etc. Generally speaking, you are most at risk for receiving viruses whenever downloading a piece of software of the internet, so you obviously need to be very careful about where you download from.

Of course, even if you are as careful as you can possibly be, you still are at risk of having your computer infected. Even opening up certain emails can give your computer a virus.

While you certainly need to be careful and diligent about which sites you visit and which emails you open, no amount of precaution should substitute for getting good free virus protection software. Very simply, your computer depends on it.

So where should you get your anti virus software from? Why not go to the leading internet search company around-Google?

Very recently, they introduced something called the Google Pack, which contains more than ten different and free software applications, including anti virus software. This software obviously is not designed by Google, but they get them from a top notch anti virus company.

Included in this is the Norton AntiVirus software, which is one of the top anti virus software applications anywhere. When you get the Google Pack, you get this for free. Whenever it's been tested by experts, it always performs admirably at protecting operating systems.

Obviously, there are many great anti virus software applications you can get for free, but you can be assured that the Norton is among the best, and having it backed by Google gives it a further stamp of approval. Therefore, I'd recommend trusting your computer to this application, as it's simply one of the best free virus protection software packages around.

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