Help With Choosing Rifle Scopes

Bona fide sportsmen acknowledge the importance of choosing rifle scopes of good quality. They are aware that a rifle scope can make or break any hunting experience. Scopes are not only limited to rifles. Quite the contrary, they can also be attached to other weapons such as shotguns and handguns. Even a crossbow has one too. Scopes are so versatile that they can be used by people from all walks of life. In fact, trap shooters and people in the military use it as well. Golfers, bird watchers and hunters use a different kind of scope. This is commonly referred to as spotting scopes.

Scopes are used to clearly see objects at a far range. Through a special kind of lens, the target and location appear bigger and closer than when viewed with the naked eye. A good rifle increases the functionality of a rifle especially a rifle of poor quality.

When choosing rifle scopes, it is important to know a scope's basic component. A functional scope has 2 kinds of lenses-ocular and objective. It also includes an elevation and windage adjustments. Often, optics is coated to minimize the loss of light and reduce glare. This does not only lessen eye strain, but more importantly, it improves the quality of the image. Lens comes in a variety of sizes and magnifications. Whether to choose a lens with high magnification is dependent on the task the scope is to be used for. Sometimes using a scope with high magnification is not only unnecessary, but cumbersome as well. This holds particularly true when aiming at a target at close range. With this in mind, it is also important to know how the scope functions in low magnification.

Another feature to consider in choosing rifle scopes is a reticle. Reticles are cross hairs in a rifle scope. It is used to aim at a target. There are several variations of reticles. Cross hairs may be fine or thick. Some have target dots in the middle while some do not. Each reticle serves various functions. For example, a dot in the middle of the scope may just serve as a hindrance when shooting small targets and it may be wise to use a scope without a dot.

There are several reputable manufacturers of scopes; Nikon, Sightron, Burris, Aimpoint and Leupold are just some of them. Aimpoint are known for their laser dot scopes which are especially useful in marking a target at night time. Nikon, on the other hand, have all purpose scopes to brag about. Bushnell makes great water repellant lens while Leupold and Burris scopes are known for high-quality optics. Sightron gives more value for the money by offering competitively-priced quality riflescopes.

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