How To Change The Default Browser

Most likely if you have purchased a Windows PC, when you first get everything set up and ready to go and then can not wait to open your web browser and start on your web surfing journey, but the only web browser installed is Internet Explorer . This is due to the fact that Microsoft makes Windows and Internet Explorer and they of course want you to use IE as your browser of choice.

Let's say you want to use a different application for your default web browser. What exactly does that mean? Like many program files, when you click on an icon, file or image, the computer will usually automatically open a program that will run it; this means it is set to be the default program (it will automatically use that program to run that file type). This is the same for the browser, example – you open your email, there is link within, if you click to visit the link, it would normally open Internet Explorer (if this was set as your default).

If you are like me and say quite a few others out there, you just do not like nor trust Internet Explorer, you want to be able to change the default browser to your favorite, which could be; Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

Next question – how to change the default browser? This is quite easy and there are a couple of ways to do it. First and probably the easiest, is to first download and install the web browser application you wish to use, let's use Firefox as an example. After you have downloaded and installed it, click the Firefox shortcut icon to open the browser; you will be blessed with a pop-up message that lets you know that Firefox is not set as the default and should ask you if you wish to change the default browser to Firefox. Say yes, and then restart the browser. And then you are done.

The other option for changing the default browser is actually not that complicated; Using Vista, click on your 'Start' Button, you will notice a section that says 'Default programs', move onto that area. Follow instructions to set and change the default browser. Other versions of Windows you may have to navigate to the Control Panel to find the correct area to do this process.

As you see, it is quite simple to do, you can always change back and reset the browser you had before or change to a new one. Please be aware however, if you wish to go back to Internet Explorer, you must make sure that you have the box ticked that says "always check to see if default browser", otherwise you may not receive the prompt when you open IE.

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