How To Survive Infidelity And Rebuild The Emotional Connection With Your Spouse

When it comes to surviving infidelity, one of the most crucial things you can do is to work on rebuilding that emotional connection with your spouse. If you are trying to get through infidelity in your marriage, rest assured that you are not alone. It is also very common for couples to survive infidelity and actually build a stronger emotional connection with one another.

In this article I'm going to cover a few rules that will help you repair that emotional connection with your spouse that has been damaged by an affair.

Surviving Infidelity and Rebuilding The Emotional Connection

This is not an easy task, but you also do not want to be stuck in a miserable marriage either. Your are probably wanting to know how you can possibly get back to a place where you and your spouse can honestly say that you have a solid relationship again. But at this very second, you're probably wondering how do I do that? How can I get there?

The victim of a cheating spouse is obviously going to have some serious doubts about the ability repair the marriage and rebuild the emotional connection. Rebuilding that connection when your partner has crushed your relationship by cheating on you may seem impossible.

This is not going to happen over night as will take time and a lot of effort on both parties, but it can be done. Here are a few rules to help you begin rebuilding that emotional connection.

Honesty – It is Extremely important that you all forms of communication is based on complete honestly from this point on. No secrets, no hiding anything, just a 100% open door policy between you and your spouse. Building trust is the first step towards being successful in surviving infidelity because without it, you will always be asking whether or not your spouse is telling the full truth. By being completely honest with each other, neither of you will have any doubt about the other person lying.

Ground Rules – If you both agree and are being 100% honest with each other, you may get more than you bargained for. What I mean by that is to be careful of the questions you ask your spouse, unless you are completely ready for the answer. If you want to ask them something but your not sure your ready to handle the answer, do not ask yet.

Remember, we're trying to move forward, not stay kept up in everything that's going on. Your best bet would be to list some ground rules on paper. Things like … what kinds of questions are ok? What kind of questions are not ok? I also want to point out that it is important for both you and your spouse to answer questions with 100% honesty, leaving nothing out. This is also why it's good to set ground rules.

Arrange Time For You And Your Spouse To Talk – After an affair, there will definitely be communication problems between you and your spouse. You may want to talk one day, and they do not. Maybe they are willing to talk but you do not want to because your not having a great day. The point is, dealing with an affair is obviously very stressful and communication between spouses can be difficult.

Set a time where you and your spouse can together and focus on each other to talk. Make sure it is a time that you both agree with. This may seem a little awkward, but this way you both can have time to prepare yourself emotionally for the conversation.

These few rules may feel weird, awkward, and frustrating but I assure you they will assist you in surviving infidelity. These are important rules that you need to try hard to follow in order to get your marriage stronger and rebuild that powerful emotional connection.

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