iPhone 4 Review

Why iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 stands out among other phones for its design. It has a size of just 9.33 mm. It has got resistance to scratches. The front and back portion of the phone is of glass which gives good graphic quality.

What makes iPhone 4 so popular?

iPhone 4 has on its left side two buttons with the facility of volume control and muting. The camera is on the front side. The back side is occupied with a LED flash and camera. There is an antenna on the side of the phone. It has got a 3.5 inch screen can boast 326 pixels per inch with an overall resolution of 960 by 640px. The storage capacity is of 32 GB offered by the inside chip. It has a long lasting battery of 6 hrs facilitating users with games, music and browsing.

Do you know about its new features?

iPhone 4 has got new operating system, IOS4. This helps in carrying out many important tasks at a time. A great facility for avid readers who now can read only the books in large fonts is with this phone. The cost of this phone will be $ 299. There can be another option of a 16 GB phone with cost around $ 199.

What advancement Apple is going to add in its iPhone 4 in future?

Apple technology is sure keeping the point in mind in order to make their flash a compatible technology in their emerging gadgets.

They are on the verge of launching the smart phones with such smart activities so that it gives much more performance to its customers. But till now smart phones users have to be careful before downloading new software.

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