Learn the Truth About Spyware and Discover How Dangerous it Really Is!

Spyware Truth 1 – Spyware can be put on your machine without you having any knowledge of it!

Spyware can infect your computer whenever you download seeming sound looking software onto your machine. A lot of the time spyware files will be attached to normal applications so when you download them and try to use them everything will appear normal but you have the spyware running in the background.

Spyware Truth 2 – Spyware can allow hackers to track everything you do when online!

The main use of spyware is to track everything that you do when online. One of the reasons for this is to gather global trend information which is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Also the user can steal all of your information and gain access to your passwords and possibly as bad as your credit card information. This is even worse if you do any business online. For example last month alone 14000 business owners were affected by spyware or some other form of virus, with unknown ramifications to their bottlenecks.

Spyware Truth 3 – Free spyware scanners do not work

Free spyware scanners just do not work, sometimes they are outdated which is why they are free but often they are limited until you pay for the advanced version. Also there have been a rising number of cases of spyware and virus programs that in fact install more virus on to your system! The best thing to do is to just go for a paid scanning service.

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