Nintendo Wii Games on Sale – Unlimited Games For Cheap, But Which Service to Choose?

So if you are reading this, now you've realized that buying games from the store is basically for chumps. The new Wii games download services let us download as many games as we want for less than the price of a single game. But now that downloading our games legally and cheaply is becoming more and more popular, shiny new sites and services are popping up everywhere! How do you choose and choose which download services is right for you?

So there's a quite a few sites out there now that allow you to download Wii games. These sites can save you oodles of money by downloading games for cheaper rather than going out and buying the physical game from the store.

Now that there is a couple of different services on the net for downloading Wii games, the question you need to ask is, how to I figure out which site to sign up with? Some sites are definitely better than others in terms of range of Wii games to download, technical support and price. You also need to be very careful, as some of the sites are scams, or are highly illegal and can land you in serious hot water.

The most important thing to consider is of course, do they have the games I want? Do not sign up with a service that offers only a few games and promises 'more titles coming soon'. Established services already have hundreds of games available, with the latest releases coming out on time and often before they are out in the shops. Do not save a few bucks by signing up to a service that does not have the range you want, the smaller sites often take ages to allow access to download the latest Wii games and often do not feature other necessities such as technical support .

Another thing to consider is: Does this service provide other media? The Wii is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment, and can play videos, movies, TV shows, music and photos in a wide range of formats. Make sure the service you sign up with offers more than just games, so you can get the most out of your Wii.

Technical support should also be considered. While most of the larger sites are very user friendly, when you are downloading Wii games from the internet, transferring files from a PC to your Wii, or burning Wii games to a disc, sometimes problems crop up. This makes getting good technical support very important. Sign up with a service that has not only 24 contact support via email, but also tutorials, step-by-step guides and FAQs.

Legality should also be considered. Is the site legal, or is it a fly-by-night operation that might not be around much longer once Nintendo's lawyers discover it? Do not lay your cash down on a dodgy site that will not be there the next time you want to get a game because the owners have been busted for copyright infringement. Look for a site that is legal, and has a TOS, FAQs and privacy statements available on their site.

Of all the sites I've checked out, the winner is still the original Wii games download site on the net, Wii Media Downloads. While some of the other services are getting better and better all the time (WiiGamesDownloader is one that seems to be much improved), Wii Media Downloads still has the edge with superior technical support and range of titles and media.

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