Phone Number Reverse Directory – How It’s Compiled

One of the most common questions people have about the phone number reverse directory is how the information is compiled. There are tons of myths and misinformation circulating in the general public about the directory so let’s take a few minutes and get the facts out on the table.

First, free reverse search services compile the information in their directories from public records. These records are available to anyone in the United States who wants to see them, and they are available at no cost. For this reason, the sites who can use public records for their information do not charge a fee.

The sites that do charge a fee typically have data that is not readily available in the public records, such as the name and address associated with cell phones. Although many people still believe these numbers are being compiled by the government and made available to marketers that is not the case.

Instead the information is usually purchased from other sources that have compiled it, including private investigation firms. All of these sources have permission to sell the information. However, some companies have tried, in the past, to circumvent this system and have ended up in big trouble.

One company was compiling cell phone numbers by buying them off vendors who collected them from customers when taking their orders. This was ruled a violation of the law by the government and that aspect of the company’s operation had to be changed immediately. When it comes to the phone number reverse directory, your privacy is taken very seriously.

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