Psychic Detectives

Crimes take place all around us. We see people doing bad things every single day. There are set ups that have been made to protect us from criminals and keep them locked up in cages away from us. These people are difficult to find at times. Law enforcement needs more than clues and cognitive researches and reports to arrest people who have harmed other people.

Often some of the cases that can not be resolved are labeled as cold cases and put aside. They are unsolved cases which may have a break through in the future due to new evidence or new methods of deciphering evidence. People do not want to wait so long and there before may use the help of psychic detective service to help them bring the criminal to a stand.

These services are rare and difficult to find. These people use extra sensory abilities to figure out the situation. They may have a telepathic ability which helps them in reading other peoples thoughts. This is helpful in cases where people are lying and hiding facts to protect other people. This might give clues to look into new avenues that have not been looked into before. Psychics also use divination to assumably character and behavior pattern a criminal needed to commit the crime. Divination includes techniques like tarot reading, voodoo, numerology and dowsing. These help in discovering the evidence which have been missing from the case like a missing person, or crime object and so on. Some of the psychic also use post cognition techniques to help them look into the past of the people involved to tell them more about the people and help them make a decision. Psychometric approach are also used to locate objects and areas where ghosts are present. These psychic abilities give more clues and helps in solving cases.

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