Rocket Spanish Author – 450 Internet Searches to Find Mauricio Evlampieff

Yes. That’s what happened. An exhaustive Internet search to find out more about the man behind the popular Rocket Spanish program led to some interesting truths. Finding the man is a difficult thing to do. Finding Mauricio is much like trying to find Waldo. Here’s a new take on the author, and why the program may be successful.

Websites containing information about Rocket Spanish, and its author Mauricio Evlampieff, fill the Internet. You can search for either one, and you will come up with about 450 sites, and counting, that actually contain some information. But, if you spend the time to actually visit each one, you will find that each site has pretty much the same thing to say. Evlampieff is described as a Spanish teacher, or a native Spanish speaker originally from Chile, who loves his native language so much that he created Rocket Spanish. If you have the chance to listen to his teaching voice, you cannot deny that his recorded voice is pleasant, clear and succinct. It is possible to download a free 6-lesson version of his course, and there, hear his friendly voice.

With such great speaking skills and solid program offerings one would expect that somewhere in the tons of information online about the course, that it would be possible to find biographical information about this interesting man who is a key voice in this program. But, sadly, there is nothing easily to be found. At least not in the first 450 or so website listings. It is possible to read all sorts of testimonies about how the great the program is, and how satisfied people are with it. But are there any references to educational background? That is yet to be answered. Does it really matter what Evamplieff’s educational background is? That is really an even more interesting question.

Good teachers will often tell you that they use whatever works. In other words, they are successful because they find what each student needs to learn, and then use it to teach each student well. One could say that Evamplieff has a style that helps many students to learn, and his friendly teaching makes it available for those many students to use.

In this day of online learning, the online learning course Rocket Spanish is filling the need for hundreds of people to learn Spanish. Evamplieff works with a team of talented people that understand ebooks, Internet marketing, online program development and technology very well. Much of the website presence for the program and his person is the result of creative and extensive online marketing and linking. Does this reflect poorly on the product or the man? Of course not! Good product, offered at a reasonable price, with lots of extras reliably delivered to online students means success for everyone.

For the obsessive, who feel that the public needs to know all about Evamplieff, it is possible to find bits of him practically everywhere on social networking sites, and in various languages ranging from Dutch to Chinese and Korean, and of course Spanish. You can probably make guesses about where he lives (find the right site and you will find him). You can even find him on his friends’ business sites, promoting his Spanish language-learning program. He works with masters of Internet presence, online marketing and his Spanish program is pretty spectacular too. Do you really need to know everything about him? No. Let the program speak for him. The proof of the program will be in its success. Just make sure that you don’t let the buzz about the program cloud your thinking when it’s time for you to choose one for yourself. It’s not the only excellent program available online.

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