Taser Devices With Laser Sight

I was at the car park in the building where I worked one when I walked into what looked to be an armed encounter. I know a Taser when I see one. I know it lets loose two darts attached to several feet of wiring, which immobilize a target temporarily.

The first thing I noticed were men in black uniforms armed with Taser devices with laser sight, which obviously bought my brother to mind at once. The sight of them reflected behind car doors stopped me at my tracks.

I immediately ducked and ran for cover with the first group of people I spotted who were dressed like office workers. While we hid behind an SUV two rows away, one explained that a lady had caught a man breaking into her car.

I remember from my brother that the Taser C2 and M-26C were some of the Taser devices with laser sight, so it might have been one of those those men carried.

Slowly, I surveyed the scene and saw him, the carjacker, with a gun to the rib area of ​​a lady. That was when I pieced it together. The men, presumably cops, were trying to stop the guy without harm anyone innocent.

They chose Taser devices with laser sight to avoid harming the woman, or for that matter, people like myself who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I witnessed two of the men shoot the guy all at once from a safe distance.

One targeted the arm holding the gun, and the other, the leg part. He dropped his weapon and fell down. The Taser's laser sight saved that woman's life and spared ours.

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