The Dangerous Side of the Cyberworld

The Former First Lady of Utah, and wife of Michael Leavitt, Former Governor of Utah, is ahead of a coalition that is aimed at keeping children safe on the computer.

Jacalyn S. Leavitt, is the chair of the IKeepSafe Coalition where governors wives all over the states have joined her in bringing starting statistics to Parents of Youth and Teenagers using the Internet.

Here are some of the stats compiled by the Coalition:

99% of Teens use the Internet
54% of teens receive requests for personal information (12% of that figure is from "tweens" (8-12 years of age)
42% have posted personal information online
30% reported that they have talked with a cyber-stranger about meeting in person.
27% have talked to strangers on line about sex.
1 in 7 children (ages 10-17) receives a sexual solicitation or approach through the internet in a one year period.
77% of tens have a personal profile available online, 40% of which say it is viewable by all persons.
80% of students are aware of cases of cyber-bullying which is very destructive to teens.
94% of students admitting to cyber-bullying did not tell an adult.

Frightening statistics to say the least. There is also a new statistic just coming out, however, all the data is not available yet; MANY students in college are flunking out of school, due to becoming addictive to playing video games. They fall behind in studies and performance is known to be poor in class.

The internet is a wonderful, yet powerful technology. It can offer so many opportunities to learn, to interact with others, to provide goods and services, and conduct business. But it has also destroyed youth who were unable to handle the pressure of kids playing jokes and bullying them to a point where one child in Vermont even committed suicide due to a rumor started about him.

It's one more thing that Parents MUST do to help their kids … teaching responsibility and monitoring their kids, just as they do when teaching them to drive responsibly or teaching them the golden rule that they must experience all things in moderation for a healthy balance in life. The computer, the video games, and all the new technology can be a wonderful vehicle that this generation is the first to witness and be a part off. They must be reminded though, that it can be as dangerous as drugs, drinking and driving, and ruining their whole lives if video games and computer become more important than what they can learn from the technology, and experiencing life with it, in a positive way.

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