The GPS Technology

The only way that you can legally track a cell phone is with the help of a warrant. In this case, the cell phone company will provide information based on the tower from which the certain mobile phone is getting its signal.

Some online services say that they provide this type of information, including the location of a it but you have to be careful because most of these sites are usually scams.

Many people own the GPS technology on their cell phone and they usually offer this type of information voluntarily with the help of the "show me" feature.

Friends and family can keep track of these users because the location is given on a computer generated map.

The GPS technology can be very helpful especially for worried parents because they can keep a track of their children and they will know their location at all times. This technology is also used by employers who send employees on the field.

This service is provided by almost all cell phone companies. You will be able to benefit this technology for an additional fee. You can get more help from your own cell phone provider.

But if you want to keep the financial investments as low as possible then you can look for a GPS device. There are many models out there and they can keep track of a cell phone for several days in a row because they have a log in memory.

GPS devices are widely used by companies that offer employees company vehicles. This way they can make sure that the car is used only for business reasons. Every couple of days or so, the GPS device is connected to a computer and all the locations in which the car has been these days will appear immediately.

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