What is WiniFighter? Get Information on WiniFighter

Introduction: Winifighter is nothing but a malware, labeled as a security tool. It is created to make the user to pay his money for a "legal" version of this application. It shows messages from fake Windows Security Center which inform the computer owner about various Trojans that attack the machine. Those security alerts are made to appear consistently. The user is pushed up to pay $ 50 for activating this virus protection known as Winifighter.

What Winifighter does ?:

Winifighter scareware is known to split itself with the help of Trojans and infects computers using web browser vulnerabilities. Winifighter is created to redirect web browser automatically to malicious websites trying to get the user to buy this product. The PC owners should remember not to download Winifighter because it does not function as anti-virus or antispyware. Once it is not on the machine, it should be removed as soon as possible.

The following are the properties of WiniFighters:

• It will change browser settings.
• It will show commercial adverts.
• It will stay resident in background.

Conclusion: WiniFighter is an illicit security program designed to extort money from you through devious actions. It may come from a Trojan infection or malicious website which could automatically install WiniFighter without your permission. Once it is installed, WiniFighter will be able to redirect you to other malicious sites, pop-ups fake windows security center alerts and scan your system returning fake results. WiniFighter is not effective in detection or removal of any computer parasite. Use use of WiniFighter is very risky and may cause damage to your system rendering it highly unstable.

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