When Surveillance Cameras Enter Your Bedroom and Your Intimate Affairs

Surveillance cameras have their good uses. Criminals have been caught and jailed based on undeniable video evidence, cheating spouses have been captured on film and forced to pay greater alimony and child support for their ex-partners, and cops have been suspended for sexual harassment and physical mishandling of visitors and suspects alike. Just some of the few cases you read about that can convince you surveillance is good.

However, what do you do when surveillance cameras intrude upon your most private of private moments? How do you cope when intimate affairs are recorded in video and broadcast for the entire Internet world to see?

How It Can Happen

Generally, surveillance cameras are used for home security and public security. You can install small and portable cameras in your house while the government sets up a surveillance system in your neighborhood ostensibly to deter crime and monitor traffic.

Imagine this scenario: Your partner transferred the cameras to your bedroom because he wants to videotape your bedroom shenanigans without your knowledge. After your bitter separation, he uploads the video over the Internet and it becomes a hit.

Or this: In the interest of adding spice to your relationship, you both agreed to place some of the wireless surveillance cameras inside your bedroom. One messy divorce later, you are faced with an Internet video showing you and your despised ex-partner in compromising positions.

Or this: Video surveillance operators across the street intersection videotaped your intimate moments for voyeuristic purposes. The same perverted individuals broadcast the footage over the web.

In whatever way your lady parts came to be plastered all over the Internet, you must deal with the fall-out of other people’s perversions.

How to Prevent and to Cope

Of course, prevention is always better than the cure. If possible, never allow your partner to videotape your intimate bedroom encounters; never install surveillance cameras in your bedroom no matter what you do; never perform live shows where your privacy can be compromised unless you are on a deserted island; never leave the windows open in any way, either in terms of locking it and closing the drapes; and never let your private videotapes lying anywhere.

However, unfortunate scenarios such as the above mentioned do happen. How to cope boils down to:

* Doing something concrete about your plight – filing complaints and lawsuits is a good first step. You can also seek professional help and your family’s support.

* Forgetting about the past and not worrying about the future. You should take each day as it comes and live for the joys of the present. Learn to appreciate the small things in your life now – your ex-partner is paying you sums of money for alimony and for his bastardization of your relationship, your perverted voyeurs of local public officials are in jail, and you are alive.

* Moving on. If this means that you have to do something drastic like changing your place of residence or something mild like changing your hairstyle, then go for it. Just always remember that life must go on, you were a victim but you cannot be a victim forever, and that it is other people’s problems if they see you as anything less than the worthy person that you are.

In the end, your life should never be ruled by one mistake brought by man’s inappropriate use of surveillance cameras. Life is yours, take it!

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